Here's what Pete's clients are saying about his presentations:

Thorough, well done. Very informative. Very well organized. Very good speaker; lots of information. Very clear and easy to follow. Excellent presenter. Highly recommend future presentation from Peter. Entertaining and enthusiastic. Articulate and knowledgeable.

- Compiled comments from attendees' evaluations of Pete's seminar at the Rocky Mountain Regional Turfgrass Association annual conference. 100% of attendees that returned an evaulation ranked Pete a 4 or 5 out of a possible 5 for overall quality.

Pete gave my students a true eye-opener about the writing business and the unexpected paths that a young person's life might take. He supplemented my teaching, and took them beyond it. Impressive.

- Scott Conroe, Writing Lecturer, Cornell University

I wanted again to thank you for leading another excellent workshop for us. Your presentations are always very informative and engaging and I always learn a great deal.

- Jason Hunt, Project Engineer, Office of Watersheds, Philadelphia Water Department

Thanks again for presenting your lecture and slides this past Saturday. I enjoyed your presentation, as did your audience!

- Matt Maloney, Interpretive Programs Coordinator, Adirondack Mountain Club



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