At the Mercy of the Mountains: True Stories of Survival and Tragedy in New York's Adirondacks

In the tradition of Eiger Dreams, In the Zone: Epic Survival Stories from the Mountaineering World, and Not Without Peril, comes a new book that examines the thrills and perils of outdoor adventure in the “East’s greatest wilderness,” the Adirondacks.

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts venture into this unique wilderness – which covers more than six million acres, an area the size of Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon combined – every year, attracted by its accessibility, spectacular views and challenging terrain. But, when adventure is so easily accessible, so too is misadventure.

In this compelling book, Pete chronicles true stories of survival and tragedy, from famous historical cases during the early 20th century, to modern tales of harrowing struggle in the mountains and wilderness. Extensively researched, these gripping tales pull together historical accounts, first-hand interviews, previously untold stories and expert analysis to retrace each misadventure.

More than just a recounting of tragedy in the wilderness, At the Mercy of the Mountains is an affirmation of the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity, and an insight into why misadventure happens in the first place – and how to avoid it. At the Mercy of the Mountains is a must read for hikers, climbers, paddlers, armchair travelers – anyone who loves a great tale of adventure.

Available now from The Lyons Press (Official Publication Date: February 26, 2008)


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