A more complete list of Pete's published writing (by publication).

5280: Denver's Mile-High Magazine
"A Home in the High Country: Fruita, Durango." Apr 2008. Pages 90-95. Contributions to a larger feature.
"The Best of Summer: Camping in Indian Peaks Wilderness." Jun 2008. Page 96.
"The Chuck Wagon Throw Down: Can a Coloradan topple the Texans in Cheyenne's biggest cook-off?" Jul 2007. Page 165.
"The Cork Question: How Hugo Matheson turned the Kitchen's wine service into a sustainable cause." Dec 2008. Page 204.
"The Discovery at Dinosaur: One of the planet's biggest natural arches, right in our backyard." Sep 2007. Page 36.
"The Happiest Hour: A beer lover discovers a new favorite in gluten-free." Mar 2008. Page 128.
"Have Your Cake and Fling it Too." Jan 2007. Page 124.
"Homeless in the High Country." Aug 2008. Pages 74-80.
"The Messenger." Jul 2008. Pages 100-103, 158-161.
"Missing Lynx: How mysterious killings have rocked Colorado's cat reintroduction program." Jun 2007. Pages 60-65.
"Of Ales and Altruism: Colorado's coolest happy hour." Oct 2008. Page 186.
"Parks in Peril: Is Denver's rapid growth threatening its outdoor spaces?" Sep 2008. Page 28.
"Storm Chasers." Aug 2005. Pages 52-56.
"Powder Stash: Some people chase buried treasure or hunt Bigfoot. I set my sights on Colorado's abandoned ski resorts." Dec 2007. Pages 84-86.
"Trash Talkin': Free stuff, yours for the asking on the Internet." Apr 2005. Page 25.

"Winterization: Advice for Safely Enjoying the Cold Season." Jan/Feb 2003. Pages 15-17.

Adirondack Life
"The Beast of the East." Oct 2006. Page 12.
"Buns of Tin: Tupper Lake's triathlon tests your mettle." Annual Guide 2004. Pages 32-38.
"Giving it Away the Freecycle Way." Jun 2005. Page 11.
"The Seekers: A Volunteer Search and Rescue Team Finds it Way in the Woods." Oct 2002. Pages 20-26.

Adirondack Sports & Fitness
"Bicycle Touring Inn-Style." Aug 2003. Page 9.
"Lightning Strike: At the Mercy of the Mountains Excerpt." Mar 2008. Page 13.
"Snowkiting: Let it Blow!" Jan 2007. Page 13.

Adventure Sports
"Attack the 'Dacks." Aug 2005. Pages 24-26.

American Cowboy
"Adventures West: Eight Seconds." Jun/Jul 2008. Pages 68-74, 100.

The American Dog
"A Guide to CPR and Emergency First Aid for your Dog." Fall 2008. Page 41.

AMC Outdoors
"Free for All: New Recycling Trend Turns Trash into Treasure." Jan/Feb 2005. Pages 18-19.
"Free Sledding: It's All Downhill From Here." Mat 2007. Page 15.
"Greener Eggs and Ham? Restaurants get an eco-conscience." Dec 2006. Page 11.
"Monkeying Around: Recreational Tree Climbing Takes Root." Sep 05. Pages 22-23.
"Phases of the Loon." Jul/Aug 2004. Pages 22-23.
"Start Your Boots: A new sport is off and running." Jun 2006. Page 14.

"Climbing Toward God." Summer/Fall 2006. Pages 26-30.
"Defining Moments." Summer/Fall 2008. Pages 36-40.
"Nature's Nomenclature: The wealth of words in most languages mirrors the diversity of the natural world." Winter/Spring 2008. Pages 60-64.
"Necklace of the Moon: Learning lessons on Cotopaxi, Ecuador's mountain of fire and ice." Winter/Spring 2009. Pages 94-104.

The Bark
"The Joy of Joring: Dog-powered fun year-round." Dec 2007. Pages 35-37.
"River Run: A young dog earns his water wings on the Colorado River." Apr 2007. Pages 70-74.

"Beer Unlike Most: A Guide to Gluten-Free Brews." Fall 2008. Pages 18-21.

Boulder Magazine
"Boulder Aquateens: In Synchro." Fall 2008. Pages 128-131.

Cairn: Colorado's Cultural Guidepost
"Air Apparent: In the obscure world of air guitar, Denver's Randy 'Big Rig' Layman may be the next king of airness." Aug 2008. Online.
"Carol of the (Tuba) Bells." Dec 2008. Online.
"Frozen Assets: Who needs skiing? How Ouray survives winters without ski slopes." Jan 2009. Online.
"The Most Fearsome Fourteener: Climbing and Skiing Capitol Peak." Sep 2008. Online.
"Your Mom's Food, Except Different: Second Home Kitchen and Bar." Jul 2008. Online.

California Fairways
"Walk on the Wild Side." Sep/Oct 2002. Pages 22-24.

Caribbean Travel & Life
"Island Hopping: Day Trip Curacao, Peak Bagging on Christoffelberg." Mar 2008. Pages 34-36.

Charlotte Magazine
"Goodbye, Green Space? It's time to plan now for Charlotte's future parks." Sep 2008. Page 28.

"John Frazier and his mandolin reign." Dec 2006. Page 33.
"Stiller rides the seas around the Big Apple." Mar 2006. Page 31.
"The Philosophical Fighter." Jun 2007. Page 31.
"Watt's Down with Green Lights?" Mar 2005. Page 21.

The Colorado Dog
"Bikejoring with your Dog!" Summer 2008. Page 39.
"Canicrossing with Rover!" Summer 2008. Page 36.

Colorado Runner
"Hit the Dirt: Kokopelli's Trail, Fruita, Colorado." Mar 2008. Pages 60-61.
"Hit the Dirt: Walker Ranch, Boulder, Colorado." May/Jun 2008. Page 28.
"Working the System." Nov/Dec 2007. Page 38.

Cornell Alumni Magazine
"High Ambition." Jul/Aug 2004. Pages 22-23.
"Life and Death in Tibet: Honoring Culture and Saving Lives." Mar/Apr 2005. Pages 26-27.
"Power Play: Hotelie Catches Flack on MTV." Sep/Oct 2005. Page 30.

Denver Magazine
"Extreme Screening: The world of snowsports action filmmaking is as exhilirating and as competitive as the movies themselves." Dec 2008. Pages 36-39.
"Into the Woods: Nothing says Christmas in Colorado like a tree grown in our own forests." Dec 2008. Pages 104-106.
"Master of his own Dyno-sty: Despite a near fatal fall, world record holder Skyler Weekes leaps into history." Nov 2008. Pages 104-107.
"On Ice: Whether your need for speed is satisfied by the natural power of the wind or can only be fulfilled with the roar of an engine, Georgetown Lake is the place for you." Dec 2008. Pages 113-115.
"People of Power: Amory Lovins." Jan 2009. Pages 55-57.

"Brewery Spotlight: New Belgium Brewery." Sep/Oct 2008. Page 18.

Golf Course Management
"Colorado's Beetle Battle." Dec 2008. Page 38.
"Go Green, Or Else: Government-mandated environmental stewardship efforts are becoming more common, and golf courses are among the first to fall under their rule." Nov 2008. Pages 62-68.
"Mountain Man." Apr 2008. Pages 74-82.
"Natural Savings." Sep 2006. Pages 48-52.
"Picking up a Save." Jul 2008. Pages 72-76.
* Award Winner *
"Playing the Numbers Game." Feb 2007. Pages 86-94.
"Ruben Palacios and Golf la Roqueta." Oct 2003. Web Exclusive.
"The Nature of the Game." Jun 2007. Page 38.
* Award Winner *
"Waste to Water: A problematic waste bunker becomes a thriving water feature at a Texas club." Jan 2005. Pages 78-81.
"What can brown do for (or to) you? A look at the brown turf experience at three golf courses." Nov 2007. Pages 76-82.

International Cemetery & Funeral Management
"A Natural Sanctuary." Sep 2002. Pages 40-41.
"Cemeteries as Guardians of our Nation's Natural Heritage." May 2003. Pages 60-61.
"Quiet Sanctuaries for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." Sep 2002. Web Extra.

Life in the Finger Lakes
"Winter Wines for your Holiday Haute Cuisine." Winter 2003. Pages 51-54.

Long Island Pulse
"Catch a Wave: Surfing on Long Island." Sep 2007. Pages 85-87.
"From Sea to Ski: The Islander's Winter Guide to Heading for the Hills." Dec 2007. Pages 41-43.
"Hold the Wheat: A Guide to Going Gluten-Free." May 2008. Pages 66-69.
"Island Rocks: Bouldering on Long Island." Jul 2007. Page 57.
"The Latest Ski Gear." Dec/Jan 2008. Pages 26-27.
"The 'Other' Mountains: Fueling the Quest for Good Skiing and Shorter Lift Lines." Dec/Jan 2008. Pages 62-63.
"The Streets of Long Island: Georgann Bronski." Jul 2008. Page 70.
"The Streets of Long Island: Paul Defendini." Jul 2007. Page 82.
"V is for Violence: Are Long Island's schools safe for our sons and daughters?" Sep 2008. Pages 62-65.

The Meeting Professional
"Greener Golf." Jul 2004. Page 64.

Men's Edge
"Eight Seconds." Aug 2005. Pages 86-89.

Men's Journal
"Best Off-Road Challenge." Jul 2007. Page 100. Contributor to Best of the Road '07 feature.
"Climb from Sea to Sky." May 2007. Page 158. Contributor to 60 Real Adventures feature.

Missouri Life
"Gluten-Free Beer: Missouri Brewer Finds Gold in Sorghum Formula." Oct 2008. Page 99.

"Beginner Pages: Run Dog Run." Jan/Feb 2008. Pages 54-55.

New York State Conservationist
"Vertical Playground: Rock Climbing in New York's Shawangunk Mountains." Sep 2002. Pages 2-5.

"Battling the Down Valley Effect." Dec 2006. Pages 30-33.
"Enforcing Environmentalism: Some communities are now seeking 'voluntary' green programs." Aug/Sep 2005. Pages 24-27.
"IRS Exposes Cons in Colorado Conservation Easement Program." Oct 2008. Pages 46-47.
"Lowry Lowdown: What happened when a private firm took over remediation of a contaminated former military base." Nov 2008. Pages 6-13.

"A Spring in Their Steps: One company's quest to turn old wine corks into new flooring." Aug/Sep 2007. Pages 76-77.

Rock and Ice
"Keep Quiet: It's Ours, Not Yours." Sep 2008. Page 27.

"Climbing Cotopaxi: Adventures on Ecuador's Mountain of Fire and Ice." Apr 2007. Pages 88-93.
"That's Bull! The Original Extreme Sport Jumps Off the Ranch and Into the Mainstream." Jan 2007. Pages 54-59.
"The Kite Stuff: Snowkiting Gives Thrill Seekers a Fresh Way to Shred Powder." May 2007. Pages 88-93.
"Have a Ball, and Eat It Too! Raunch, revelry and Rocky Mountain oysters at the Testicle Festival." Sep 2007. Pages 54-57.

Rocky Mountain Sports
"Colorado Caving." Jul 2007. Page 20.
"Self-Guided Whitewater Rafting." Jul 2007. Pages 20-21.
"Take the Plunge: Adventure Racing for Newbies." Apr 2007. Pages 24-26.

Sea Kayaker
* Award Winner *
"Eric Stiller: In the Big Apple." Feb 2005. Pages 17-19.
"Martin Leonard: A Passion for High-Performance Touring." Aug 2005. Pages 38-41.

Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living
"King of the Hills." Jul/Aug 2008. Pages 68-73.

Steamboat Magazine
"Haymaker's Environmental Legacy: Ten years later, it's not just a golf course." Summer/Fall 2008. Pages 50-51.

Stewardship News
"Build it right, Build it green." Sep/Oct 2002. Pages 6-7.
"Coffee...the New Green Beans!" Jul/Aug 2003. Page 10.
"Common Commitment." Sep/Oct 2003. Page 10.
"Environmental Stewardship Contributes to Watershed Protection." May/Jun 2002. Pages 6-7.
"Flying High." Mar/Apr 2007. Page 6.
"Following the Yellow Grease Road." Jul/Aug 2005. Pages 8-9.
"Getting Recognized for Stewardship." Jan/Feb 2004.
"Measuring Success." Jul/Aug 2007. Pages 1, 4-5.
"New Partnership Puts Students at the Forefront of Watershed Protection." May/Jun 2004. Page 9.
"Opinion of the People." Mar/Apr 2006. Page 9.
"Peak Performance." Sep/Oct 2006. Page 8.
"Pedal Power." May/Jun 2005. Page 10.
"Spruce Peak at Stowe Earns Audubon Green Community Award." May/Jun 2007. Pages 8-9.
"Tapping Human Resources." May/Jun 2003. Pages 6-7.
"The Day After Tomorrow." Jan/Feb 2005. Pages 1, 4-5.
"The Strait Talk on Bird Migration." Mar/Apr 2004.
"Town of Williamston, North Carolina, Earns Audubon Green Community Award." Nov/Dec 2006. Page 1.
"Walking the Talk of Sustainability." Sep/Oct 2007. Pages 1, 5.
"When the Well Runs Dry: Williamston's Water Crisis." Nov/Dec 2005. Pages 8-9.
"Wild America - Up Close and Personal." Mar/Apr 2002. Pages 6-7.

theSquare (www.thesquare.com)
"Climbing Cotopaxi: Ecuador's Mountain of Fire and Ice." Oct 2002.

Tomorrow's Child
"Empowering Children through Environmental Education." Spring 2002. Pages 19-22.

Traveler's Tales
* Award Winner *
"Eight Seconds: A Moment Can Seem An Eternity." 2008. Online.

USGA Green Section Record
"From Bunker to Biodiversity." Jan/Feb 2004. Page 25.
"Greener Tropics." Sep/Oct 2002. Pages 25-26.

Vermont Life
"Ride the Wind: Snowkiting gives skiers and boarders a whole new way to have fun." Winter 2007. Pages 50-53.
"Soaring Autumn Skies: Glider flights above the fall colors." Autumn 2005. Pages 40-41, 61.

Vermont Sports
"Chic-Choc Wow!" Dec 2008. Pages 12-13.
"Climbing Quarry." Jun 2007. Page 9.
"Feeling the Hurt." Nov 2007. Page 15.
"Know Your Bobo Towns." Jan 2008. Page 15.
"Lightning Strike: An excerpt from At the Mercy of the Mountains: True Stories of Survival and Tragedy in New York's Adirondacks." Mar 2008. Page 19.
"Lower Latitudes, Higher Altitudes: High Altitude Mountaineering in the Bolivian Andes, Part 1." Jun 2008. Pages 8-9.
"Lower Latitudes, Higher Altitudes: High Altitude Mountaineering in the Bolivian Andes, Part 2." Jul 2008. Pages 14-15.
"Lower Latitudes, Higher Altitudes: High Altitude Mountaineering in the Bolivian Andes, Part 3." Aug 2008. Pages 14-15.
"New England's Rise of Rando." Dec 2008. Page 17.
"The Paddler's Guide to Vermont's Lake Monsters." Oct 2007. Page 10.
"The Rise (and Greening) of Adventure Racing." Jul 2007. Pages 10-11.
"Run, Jackrabbit, Run!" Oct 2008. Page 12.
"Viva la Via!" May 2007. Page 10.

"Freedom of the Sea." Spring 2007. Pages 44-46.

Westchester Magazine
"A Rose by Any Other Name." Nov 2007. Pages 63-65.
"Kayaking Adventures." Jun 2004. Pages 88-91.
"The White Stuff." Nov 2005. Pages 88-89, 203-205.
"Uncorking New York's Wine Country." Jul 2007. Pages 120-128, 236-237.
"Winning Sports Bars." Nov 2004. Pages 76-82.

Westchester Weddings
"Picture Perfect: Your guide to choosing and getting great results from your wedding photographer." Fall/Winter 2007. Pages 37-41.

Wild Blue Yonder
"The Fast and the Hurri-ous: Sport Stacking." Jan/Feb 2007. Pages 14-18.

Williamston Enterprise
"Treasuring Home: Making Williamston Great." April 4, 2006. Pages 4-5. Guest Column.

Wilmington Magazine
"Are We Really Bobos? (and is that a bad thing?)" Jul/Aug 2008. Pages 22-26.

Winds of Change
"On Course for a Sustainable Tribal Economy." Summer 2003. Pages 32-34.


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