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A Spring in Their Steps
Plenty, Aug/Sep 2007

Missouri-based Yemm & Hart is turning old wine corks into new flooring.
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The Chuck Wagon Throw-down
5280, Jul 2007

Can a Coloradan topple the Texans in Cheyenne's biggest cook-off?
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Uncorking New York's Wine Country
Westchester Magazine, Jul 2007

New York State is home to three distinct wine regions worth writing home about.
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Island Rocks
Long Island Pulse, Jul 2007

Despite modest elevations and sandy shores, Long Island has boulders galore to satisfy rock climbers.
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The Rise (and Greening) of Adventure Racing
Vermont Sports, Jul 2007

Vermont is the Northeast's hot spot for adventure racing.
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Missing Lynx
5280, Jun 2007

Someone has been killing Colorado's endangered lynx. Pete investigates.
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Climbing Quarry
Vermont Sports, Jun 2007

Burlington climbers get their vertical kicks at nearby Bolton Quarry.
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Freedom of the Sea
Wavelength, Spring 2007

Sea kayaking offers paddlers with disabilities a new, unparalleled freedom.
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Viva la Via!
Vermont Sports, May 2007

Vermont is home to one of the only Via Ferratas in the United States. Pete reports.
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Take the Plunge
Rocky Mountain Sports, Apr 2007

Pete and his buddy, Tom, tackle their first adventure race as Team AR Virgins.
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River Run
The Bark, Apr 2007

Pete's dog, Altai, earns his whitewater wings on the Colorado River.
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Playing the Numbers Game
Golf Course Management, Feb 2007

Good environmental stewardship and reduced insurance rates go hand-in-hand to ease liability concerns.
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Snowkiting: Let it Blow!
Adirondack Sports & Fitness, Jan 2007

Pete gets the wind in his winter sales with snowkiting.
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The Fast and Hurri-ous: Sport Stacking
Wild Blue Yonder, Jan/Feb 2007

Pete profiles sport stacking and the teen phenoms behind the movement.
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Have your Cake and Fling it too
5280, Jan 2007

When it comes to quirky food festivals, Manitou Springs takes the cake.
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Battling the Down Valley Effect
Planning, Dec 2006

Pete profiles mountain resort communities and their efforts to provide affordable workforce housing.
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Natural Savings
Golf Course Management, Sep 2006

Tax incentives are helping golf courses save some green by being green.
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Climbing Toward God
Appalachia, Summer/Fall 2006

Pete ponders the nexus of spirituality and mountain climbing.
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Start Your Boots
AMC Outdoors, Jun 2006

Pete chronicles the explosive growth of the sport of adventure racing.
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The White Stuff
Westchester Magazine, Nov 2005

When Old Man Winter comes to town, these Northeast ski towns are where it's at.
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Monkeying Around
AMC Outdoors, Sep 2005

Pete goes out on a limb with recreational tree climbing.
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Soaring Autumn Skies
Vermont Life, Autumn 2005

Pete pilots a glider above Vermont's Green Mountains and iconic fall folliage.
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Attack the 'Dacks
Adventure Sports, Aug 2005

Charming Lake Placid has something for everyone.
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Eight Seconds
Men's Edge, Aug 2005

Pete "cowboys up" in the bucking chute for the bull ride of a lifetime.
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Storm Chasers
5280, Aug 2005

Tim Samaras and Roger Hill get up close and personal with some of the nation's most severe weather.
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* Award Winner *
Paddler Profile: Eric Stiller - In the Big Apple
Sea Kayaker, Feb 2005

Born to paddle, Eric Stiller instills his passion for sea kayaks in the heart of the world's busiest island.
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Winning Sports Bars
Westchester Magazine, Nov 2004

Our intrepid investigator knocks back a brewski or three in his quest to uncover the county's best sports bars.
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Gratis Goods
Stewardship News, Sep/Oct 2004

An essay about the growing Freecycle movement.
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High Ambition
Cornell Alumni Magazine, Jul/Aug 2004

Pete profiles mountaineering United States Ambassador to Chile, William Brownfield.
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Phases of the Loon
AMC Outdoors, Jul/Aug 2004

New satellite tracking technology helps researchers get a bird's eye view on loon populations.
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Kayaking Adventures
Westchester Magazine, Jun 2004

A stroke of luck for county kayakers: Our area offers lots of spots to float your boat.
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Buns of Tin
Adirondack Life, Annual Guide 2004

Tupper Lake's Tinman triathlon tests your mettle.
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Coffee...the New Green Beans
Stewardship News, Jul/Aug 2003

Sustainably grown and harvested coffee is helping the environment and people.
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The Seekers
Adirondack Life, Oct 2002

A search and rescue team finds its way in the woods.
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