Powder Ghost Towns: Epic Backcountry Runs in Colorado's Lost Ski Resorts

Praise and Reviews:

"This combination of practical guidebook and skiing history will enrich any backcountry skier's experience. I love the concept of Powder Ghost Towns, and can't wait for winter to check out the lost ski areas - with Peter's fascinating and useful book hired as my guide."

Louis Dawson, WildSnow.com

"Powder Ghost Towns offers a tremendous review of Coloradoís rich ski history. Peterís blending of story-telling and extremely thorough route information will land Powder Ghost Towns at the front of my guidebook shelf. Powder Ghost Towns is a must-read for anyone searching for new places to play in Coloradoís winter backcountry."

Brian Holcombe, Executive Director, Backcountry Snowsports Alliance

"Powder Ghost Towns is right-on for any skier looking for a guided introduction to the backcountry. Itís all here: route choices, maps. Even more experienced backcountry skiers will be fascinated by learning what was here in the beginning - and how many ďnewĒ areas of the state are waiting to be skied! The majority of the routes described here are safe and accessible for most of the winter and spring - I'd feel good about new backcountry skiers heading out with this book."

Pete Swenson, founder, Colorado Ski Mountaineering Cup

"Peter Bronski has a new book out that any true Colorado skiing fan should run out and buy... It's a great guide for anyone with an interest in experiencing lost ski areas, or someone wanting to try backcountry riding... Bronski also put together a nice companion video that will get your snow-starved blood pumping."

Front Range Riffraff, Click here to read the full review

"Only a relative handful of skiers and snowboarders know that Colorado once boasted nearly 200 ski resorts. Fewer still take the time and energy to seek out and hike to or ski, depending on the snow availability, some of the state's now-deserted ski areas. Author Peter Bronski of Boulder went farther and higher than most in his search for Colorado's skiing past... Bronski not only honors the memories of 36 of these former resorts, showing how and where to get some fabulous powder turns, but also includes some wonderful inside-history information... At each of Bronski's featured areas you'll have to walk up to ski down but that's what generations of skiers did before us and it's all part of the adventure laid out in 'Powder Ghost Towns.'"

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Click here to read the full review

"Peter Bronskiís Powder Ghost Towns...is built around the history of 36 defunct ski resorts spread across Colorado. Bronski details how that history can be revived with some of the best not-so-natural backcountry skiing to be found."

Steamboat Pilot, Click here to read the full article

"The history of skiing in any region ties in nicely with backcountry skiing, since most of our sportís heritage is human powered. Thus, you wonít find any lack of ancestry in Peter Bronskiís new Colorado guidebook Powder Ghost Towns. Even the name is a cool concept. I mean, what better moniker for a deserted ski resort than 'Powder Ghost Town?' Bronskiís book is organized with individual history and descriptions for 36 ghost towns. Each includes voluminous history that makes this one of the best armchair guidebooks Iíve seen. And once you leave the sitting position and slap on a pair of skins, you can tour Colorado and experience the added spice of skiing with ghosts."

Wild Snow, Click here to read the official review

"[Powder Ghost Towns'] runs still shelter secret stashes of snow. Pristine slopes await backcountry powder hounds out to discover these steeps and chutes, bunny hills and bumps."

The Coloradoan

"You can't be on the slopes 24/7. But for those nights curled up by the fire, here are two new books that will keep your ski passion running hot... In his new book, award-winning author and Denver Magazine contributing writer Peter Bronski chronicles the fates of 36 powder ghost towns, from their storied pasts, to their backcountry potential today."

Denver Magazine

"Powder Ghost Towns makes it hard to sit in the office knowing that it's snowing right now in one of the 36 abandoned or never-built ski areas that this book covers."

Denver Post

Backcountry guide taps into Colorado's closed down ski ops

Summit Daily News

"It's one part history, one part backcountry skiing guidebook. In Powder Ghost Towns award-winning author and backcountry skier Peter Bronski uncovers the fabled past of 36 of Colorado's vanished ski resorts, and describes the best in their present-day backcountry glory... This book will show you where to find the best lost ski resorts and powder stashes."

Rocky Mountain Sports

"If you live in Colorado, Powder Ghost Towns belongs in your collection of skiing resources. Detailing a covey of defunct Colorado ski resorts (36 to be exact), Bronski blends detailed area history wit hardcore, skier-oriented information to produce a standalone guidebook that you'll actually want to read - no easy task. Route information - notably including private property concerns (thank you!), elevation gains, and snowfall trends - is coupled with illustrated topo maps and photos to give readers a clear picture of each area and its skiing potential... As a bonus, Bronski has supplied short blurbs from other independent skiers about every area, in which they describe their "Powder Ghost" experiences informally, with great insider beta. For me, the history of these ski areas is fascinating and thoroughly researched, and will provide depth to any ensuing ski trip. It would greatly benefit from color photographs and maps, but as far as guidebooks go, Powder Ghost Towns stands out."

Backcountry Magazine


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